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Hotspot: Gallery MAI Amsterdam

Hotspot: Gallery MAI Amsterdam

Until November 23, you can admire the exhibition of Claes Iversen here. Claes (born in 1977) has developed himself as a designer and artist in multiple ways, not just in couture.

Claes' art can also be admired throughout Hotel MAI, in both the public spaces and the hotel rooms. Many of his works are inspired by his travels to Asia. For this project, he has created a series with photographs of Chinese buildings and Japanese blossoms, embellished with paint and/or embroidered flowers. You can find the studies for this project in Gallery MAI.

Also on display in Gallery MAI is the Connected series, which he created during the Covid period. He combined painting with photographs of power outlets and managed to create exceptional layered art. This collection is absolutely exceptional and therefore worth a visit.

The art collection shows that Claes does not only work with paint and brushes but also with various other diverse materials such as embroidery, tape, and photographs, in other words, mixed media. He draws inspiration from everywhere, making the exhibition incredibly cool and inspiring to visit.

Visit & opening hours
Every Thursday (until November 23), this exhibition is open to visitors between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm. By appointment, you can also come on another day. For appointments, please email: info@claesiversen.com. Be sure to check out Instagram for a sneak peek. We hope to welcome you soon!