The Inspiring Collection

Vondel Hotels started in 2003 with one hotel in Amsterdam. The collection consists exclusively of hospitality concepts that are unique in style, design, and identity,  but which have always originated from the same vision. 

The vision to create hospitality concepts that - in their own way - raise endless inspiration and leave memorable experiences for guests to cherish forever. Our dedicated teams of passionate professionals are ready to fulfill all your needs, ensuring that your stay is seamless, comfortable, and memorable.

The past & the present

All properties are located in historical buildings with an authentic character, providing the hotels an interesting background story to work with. Founder of Vondel Hotels Arjen van den Hof draws inspiration from these stories and blends past and present together hoping to inspire travellers from all over the world.

Experience the magic

Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, Vondel Hotels offers an extraordinary hospitality where impeccable service and creating unforgettable experiences intertwine. We invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, where unique style, exceptional service, and unforgettable moments await you. Your extraordinary escape starts here.

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