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The portfolio exclusively entails properties that are unique in style, design and identity but which have always originated from the same vision. The vision to create hospitality concepts that - in their own way - raise endless inspiration and leave memorable experiences for guests to cherish forever.


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5 Historical facts about Hotel van de Vijsel

What makes Hotel van de Vijsel unique is the abundance of wooden elements you'll find throughout. But what history lies behind the wooden facades of Hotel van de Vijsel?

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New hotspot in Amsterdam: Bonboon

Vondel Hotels has opened a new vegan restaurant called Bonboon as of August 4th. The perfect place to eat in the lively Jordaan district!

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Vondel Hotels Hotel Pontsteiger

Design Trend: Scandinavian chic at Hotel Pontsteiger

In the world of interior design, the Scandinavian style has become an essential element and a true trend. The beautiful interior of Hotel Pontsteiger is also inspired by this Scandinavian interior trend, renowned for its elegance, minimalism, and functional approach. Get inspired!

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