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5 Historical facts about Hotel van de Vijsel

What makes Hotel van de Vijsel unique is the abundance of wooden elements you'll find throughout. But what history lies behind the wooden facades of Hotel van de Vijsel?


Almost 40 years ago, Hotel van de Vijsel was a timber trade business known as 'Houthandel Van de Vijsel.' This property on Overtoom was owned by the Van de Vijsel family. People could purchase various DIY items here, such as tools and hardware, making it somewhat of an old-fashioned hardware store, similar to the Dutch traditional Gamma for example.

In 2005, the building was designated as a municipal monument due to its cultural-historical significance and, of course, its beauty. However, not long after this designation, the building became vacant...

The building looked like a real haunted house before the renovation. While the entrance used to be bustling with customers, it had now become an abandoned and graffiti-covered site. Take a look at the photo next to this text!

4. The construction of Hotel van de Vijsel began in 1999, but it wasn't opened until 2018. This transformation took almost twenty years, making it one of the most protracted hotel projects in Amsterdam. The renovation was significantly delayed due to the lengthy approval process.

5. A significant number of wooden elements had to be removed due to fire hazards. Fortunately, architect Minke Wagenaar managed to preserve and restore much of the historical value. All wooden beams were carefully numbered, removed, and then reinstalled, while the original exterior façade was retained. Inside, you can still find beautiful characteristic elements dating back to the 19th century.

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