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Tips by Arjen, owner of Vondel Hotels

03 february 2020

Arjen van den Hof is a true local. As the owner of Vondel Hotels and resident of Amsterdam,
he knows the city at its best! Every month he personally collects tips to make your stay in Amsterdam even better!



1. Gable Stones
Before street numbering, painted carved stones were set in the gable end of buildings to indicate the business or individual living there. 

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2. Moco Museum  
This boutique museum is dedicated to the exhibition of modern, contemporary and street art. 

Where? Honthorststraat 20
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3. Restaurant De Kas
Picked in the morning, served in the afternoon. They cultivate more than 100 different types of vegetables, herbs and fruit. This restaurant works from plant to plate. 

Where? Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3 
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4. Pasta e Basta
Fine background music guaranteed. The traditional Italian dishes are brought to your table by singing waiters and table ladies. Tastes and sounds delicious! 

Where? Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 8 
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5. Beadies Amsterdam
Always dreamed to craft your own jewelry? With an overwhelming amount of beads, stones and charms this is your place to go! They also have ready-made jewelry. 

Where? Huidenstraat 6 
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6. L'Étoile de Saint Honoré  
With 4 stores in Amsterdam, this luxury vintage boutique owns and sells the biggest collection of preloved designer items. 

Where? Oude Spiegelstraat 1
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7. Little Italy
The second weekend of February you can immerse yourself in Italian life. Tastings, workshops, music and holiday inspiration. 

Where? Pazzanistraat 33
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8. Jazz Café Alto 
This café hosts live jazz and lues performances seven days a week and go on till the early hours of the morning. Entertainment guaranteed! 

Where? Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 115
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