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The best things to do in Chinatown

15 april 2021


Arjen van de Hof is a true local. As the owner of Vondel Hotels and resident of Amsterdam, he knows the city at its best! Every month he collects a couple of tips to make your stay in Amsterdam even better!

In this tip summary, we've made a infuse of the best spots and Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam to get your coffee, dinner, and everything in between. We have to be creative during the current lockdown.

Toko Dun Yong | Stormsteeg 9

This six level stage Toko Dun Yong has the most extensive assortment of Asian products in Europe. This is a unique thing to do in Amsterdam. As previously told in our blog about the history of Hotel Mai, the history behind the Toko is outstanding. Besides the clogs and sweater you will score in Amsterdam, this could fill your suitcase up to maximum level. Whether you're looking for dim sum in Amsterdam or a Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam, this is the place to go.


Slagerij Vet | Zeedijk 99

One of the first butchers of Chinatown. Easy to certify that Slagerij Vet is still known as the best butcher in Chinatown. If you're hungry and looking for a great sandwich to go within walking distance from the hotel, check out Slagerij Vet. Curious about what we would choose? Probably 'Broodje Zeedijk' This is a sandwich worth trying!

De Koffieschenkerij | Oudekerksplein 27

Are you looking for a great coffee spot? This is one we would suggest. Owners Job and Anne rebuild an old sacristy into a fantastic coffee hot spot. Whether you're looking for the most beautiful cappuccino's or something sweet, they make it with love. When you're here, do not forget to visit the 'old church '. Daily opened for takeaway between 9.00 and 17.00.

Nam Kee | Zeedijk 111-113

Another Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam. Restaurants currently closed for visits and dinner? Create you're 'Bird Nam Kee' in your Asian influenced furniture and eclectic interior room at Hotel Mai Amsterdam

Don’t forget to order chopsticks to make the Asian adventure complete.

A-Fusion | Zee Dijk 130

A Fusion has a collection of 6 restaurants and offers the best dim sum in Amsterdam. The restaurant is located close to Hotel Mai Amsterdam at the Zeedijk. They have a great complexity of choices, variable from Sushi to the most delicious chicken dishes. If you're in the mood to spice up with wasabi, Do not hesitate to order A fusion during your stay. That won't disappoint. 


De Prael | Oudezijds Voorburgwal 30

Opened in 2002, de Prael is an absolute precursor in brewing beer. They opened their second location at the Oudezijds Armsteeg. A unique thing to do in Amsterdam is visiting De Prael. The social impact of Brewer the Prael is that they work with people who are distanced from the labour market. Get one, share one. Tip from us; Barley wine. One is enough to sleep for ages…


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