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King's Day Amsterdam

19 april 2019

King’s Day in Amsterdam; the festive event for young and old, citizen and visitor.
Here are 7 tips to make your King’s Day an experience you’ll never forget. Let’s celebrate!


1. Vrijmarkt

On this day you’ll find many flea markets throughout the city centre of Amsterdam. Locals wake up early to find the perfect spot for the sale of their second hand stuff. Find your hidden treasure! The most populair is the vrijmarkt at the Vondelpark. Other large children’s markets are on the Artisplein and in the IJ Hallen at the NDSM Vrijhaven. Our favourite flea market is in the Beethovenstraat in Oud-Zuid. This year, the flea markets in Amsterdam start at 06.00 till 20.00 o’clock. 


2. Streets

Simply walk through the streets of the city centre and just go with the flow. It is already an experience to see the streets filled with people dressed in orange and festivities on every corner. Bring a visit to the Jordaan if you would like to party with locals.


3. Family Friendly

Throughout the city you’ll find child-friendly celebrations as well. For example, the Bredewegfestival is a perfect festival for families as it has something for everyone.



Take the ferry from Central Station to NDSM Vrijhaven. This upcoming neighbourhood lays in Amsterdam North and is a perfect location to celebrate King’s Day and also escape the crowds in the city centre. You’ll find free festivities and diversity in every corner of this unique surrounding.


5. Homomonument

The party at the homomonument is free to all who wish to join and celebrate King’s Day with a party filled with love, laughter, music, drinks, orange and pink. All gays and lesbians who have been persecuted because of their sexuality are commemorated here. 


6. Museums

Are the crowds too much for you? Escape them and bring a visit to one of these museums: Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk museum, van Gogh museum or Anne Frank Huis. On a festive day as this, a visit to a museum is different then usual.


7. After party

Some energy left? Visit one of the many after parties and dance till sunrise. Have a look at for all the parties.



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